Disaster strikes the Love Wagon

by Paulo Rafael Subido | Aug 23, 2010
This was a low point in the restoration of the wagon. After getting it running, all of the mistakes in the body work and paint started to come out. I had no choice but to ignore these because my car just needed to get out of the shop. Plus, it was obvious the proprietor couldn't handle some details (see the list below). The so-called expert even coated some of my exposed interior panels with undercoating. This was a big letdown as well. I was left with no one who could work on the body repair; it would have to wait for the time being. These are the things that needed fixing in the wagon's body. There's another long list for the mechanical stuff. Align rear-left door - I think the catcher is in the wrong position, that's why the door is sticking out 01-the-love-wagon-door Fabricate brackets for and align grille - with five mounting points Paint rear cargo and side panel areas - The entire section is supposed to be body color. Note to self: Remove undercoat 02-the-love-wagon-cargo Install fender mirrors - Even the "expert" couldn't do this properly Drill holes for fender emblems - Yes, the new fender already had holes but an idiot from the first shop covered them with putty Remove rust at rear hatch - Within days of painting, rust already began to form here. Paint will have to be destroyed to get to the rot 03-the-love-wagon-rust Attach fuse box to kick panel - Because it was just hanging from under the dash Other things I need to get done: - Undercoat at the backside of front and rear bumpers and bumper extension - Seal holes in interior and floor - Install seat belts and mounts for fire extinguisher - Attach all rubber door seals (bodywork required) - Fabricate battery holder and clamp It sucked to see the wagon in this state, but instead of complaining, I decided to at least get the wagon mechanically-sound again. I fixed up the brakes and fuel lines (replacing many that went missing), and sorted out the electrical system. Once we got the engine running I went straight to a muffler shop to get an exhaust system fabricated. I was getting hyped with the progress when things took a turn for the worse. In my hurry to get everything finished disaster struck. On my way home from fixing the door locks and windows my hood flew open because it wasn't secured. I was so stupid to think that its weight would be enough to hold it down. It was a devastating day because my hood folded and the dug into the wiper cowl. I wasn't even driving fast. Amazing how a gust of wind can do that. 04-the-love-wagon-hood I had already bent the hood down in this photo. 05-the-love-wagon-damage Never drive without securing your hood down. This was stupidity on my part, and I am thankful that I didn't crash into and hurt anybody. Good thing the hood didn't smash into the windshield. What a downer, but, I am lucky nobody got hurt. In hindsight I think that this was meant to happen. There were so many things that needed to be done, and I had to find somebody who could help me fix the wagon up. There was one guy who I knew could do it, and I was hoping that he would take my car into his shop. 06-the-love-wagon-front 07-the-love-wagon-rear These photos are dated May 2010. We are almost in real-time.
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