Accord, Camry, Legacy or Sonata?

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by Botchi Santos | Feb 5, 2011

Hi, Botchi!

I want to get your opinion on my midsize sedan options. I have narrowed my choices down to the Honda Accord, Subaru Legacy sedan and the new Hyundai Sonata.

I have gone through your posts, and the Legacy trumps the Camry and the Accord. But with the new Sonata, would you still choose the Legacy?

My heart says Legacy but my head says Accord for the prestige or Sonata for the value for money. I'm a wee bit concerned on the road noise of the Legacy.

I currently drive a Mazda CX-9.



Hi, Jonathan!

All the cars you listed here are pretty good. The Legacy has the best driving feel and enjoyment, the Camry and Accord both have that prestigious and luxurious feel and the Sonata indeed has great value for money. So let's state what I DON’T like about them as it might help you further.

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Subaru Legacy - The off-beat boxer exhaust noise emits a really weird frequency that causes extreme nausea for certain people. My Dad wanted to throw up after 30 minutes of riding in one. The ride is quite firm also--more oriented towards performance driving rather than luxurious cruising. Well, I like the firm ride, so sorry about that.

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Honda Accord - This offers a fantastic ride and fantastic handling even if it doesn't feel particularly sporty. I love how the Accord moves, even over rough, poorly-surfaced roads. The engine is typically Honda, powerful, with a mighty top-end lunge typical of all VTEC engines. Good thing it has torque! What worries me though is that the 6-4-3 VCM or variable cylinder management thingy is something that might be a potential trouble spot in the future--if you'll be keeping your Accord V6 for five years or more. I hate useless technology like that. I find it useless because if I wanted something fuel efficient, I would buy something else, not a 270hp 3.6 V6 sedan!

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Toyota Camry – This has a great engine, and an even better six-speed automatic transmission. The only things I dislike are the rather tacky interior and the bouncy ride. It's better suited for old people (holding senior citizen cards) rather than the young, young at heart and those going through their second childhood. Pretty fast as well, but better experienced through the back seat as driving the Camry is a rather bland experience.

Hyundai Sonata - This looks really good, almost rather gangsta-slash-baller-looking. Unfortunately I haven't driven it yet, and the 2.4 engine doesn't excite nor entice me to try it. I'm not a speed-freak, but I love the overwhelming sensation of a torquey engine.

Since you say you've read my other columns, this one basically contains everything else I didn't want to say in the past. I hope it helps you decide.

Good luck, God bless and take care!

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Best regards,

Botchi Santos
Consumer editor

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