Hyundai Accent, Ford Fiesta or Honda Jazz?

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by Botchi Santos | Feb 15, 2012

Hi, Botchi!

I'm looking for a fuel-friendly car and I’m choosing between the Honda Jazz, Ford Fiesta and the Hyundai Accent. We are three in the family and we're living in Zamboanga City.

What is the best car for us to buy? Do you have suggestions other than those I've mentioned?

Your kind attention would be highly appreciated.

Thanks a lot!


Hi, Anne!

Thank you so much for your email. We apologize it took a long time for us to respond to your query as we get tons of emails everyday. Anyway, I hope all is well with you guys down south.

For a small family of three, the cars you picked are the ideal ones, indeed. The Honda Jazz is my favorite because it's got it all: space, style, excellent driving dynamics and a very versatile interior. You can fold the seats down and haul serious gear, or put the seats up and take four adults out on a road trip from Zamboanga to Laoag in perfect comfort. You'll also get excellent power and fuel efficiency in the process. Since it's a Honda, it would also feel like a premium quality item, thanks to the heft in the feel of controls, the doors, steering, knobs and switches. If I myself were to have only one car, I'd definitely pick the Jazz.

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The Ford Fiesta is my second choice, and a very close second at that! It has a sharper, more exciting driving feel than the Jazz, with perhaps a better, more well-rounded suspension that offers great compliance without giving up any feel and precision when driving hard. The interior is far more modern, and you can even connect your mobile phones via Bluetooth to the Fiesta's in-car electronics. The Fiesta also provides a fantastic race-car like seating position that offers good visibility. The only reason the Jazz trumps the Fiesta in my book is that its backseat isn't as roomy. Its roof is also lower, making it slightly more difficult to get and out of the car. The rear doors, with their stylish swoop, also cuts the size of entry. Ford eschewed the mini-MPV look, which is currently very popular in Japan, giving the Fiesta a more youthful and vibrant feel.

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The Hyundai Accent offers fantastic value for money. It looks the newest and freshest, and it is perhaps the most daring--design-wise--among your options. There are some clunky noises from the suspension--nothing serious but definitely bothersome--but the engine, transmission and driving feel are very good. More serious though is the relatively tight backseat; the Jazz is very roomy, and the Fiesta is roomier than the Accent. If you can spring for the diesel variant Accent though, that would be fantastic as it would offer better fuel efficiency and far cheaper running cost. The diesel variant will theoretically be the cheapest to own and run. The problem is there's still no word regarding its availability and you'll have to expect a very long waiting time as many consumers are also anticipating the Accent diesel.

If you need space, the Honda Jazz is king. If you want a fun and exciting driving feel, it's hard to beat the Fiesta. But if you want value for money, the Hyundai Accent, especially in diesel trim is the way to go.

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Good luck. I hope this helps, regards to your family and God bless. Take care!

Botchi Santos
Consumer editor

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