Suzuki Jimny or Ford Ranger Trekker?

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by Botchi Santos | Mar 16, 2011

Hi, Botchi!

I hope my message finds its way to you, dear guru. I've read your comparos and they are indeed very helpful and inspiring.

I'd like to ask you to judge the Suzuki Jimny 4x4 and the Ford Ranger Trekker 4x4 on their responsiveness, mileage, safety features and road capability. The vehicle will be driven on EDSA and Marcos Highway, to be exact. I don't really do off-roading.

I know it's not an apple-to-apple comparison but they are the vehicles that more or less fit my budget. I also prefer a vehicle with an automatic transmission.

Thank you so much and more power to Top Gear Philippines.


Hi, Dwight!

Thanks for the email, and sorry for the delayed response.

Let me be honest. I have tried and failed miserably to fit inside the Suzuki Jimny so I can't comment on how it is to drive. In my humble opinion, unless one plans to do serious off-roading with a lot of winching, I can't see why anyone would want a Jimny. But that's me. Like I said, I can't comment objectively because I don't fit in it and never got the chance to test-drive it. I have nothing good nor bad to say about it that is quantifiable or concrete.

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As for the Ford Ranger Trekker, now this is more versatile. Ford pickups are tough, but the suspension tends to creak and groan, and it gets noisy over the years. But the engine and transmission are solid, and the chassis is really tough as nails. The Ranger's got a decent fuel consumption. Expect about eight kilometers per liter driving through traffic, and just over 10km per liter out on the open road or highway. Maintenance is cheap, especially since you may now source a lot of wear-and-tear parts from third-party suppliers. Ford's diesel trucks have been generally cheap to maintain even with a main dealer service center. My biggest beef with the Ford Ranger and its Everest SUV twin, however, is the general lack of refinement and comfort. These trucks are tough but feel quite crude and agricultural. As a workhorse, these are indeed solid, but as an all-around car, I'd also look elsewhere.

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Hope this helps! Thanks, take care and keep us posted! God bless! 

Botchi Santos
Consumer editor

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