10 Of the most disgusting things you guys have spilled in your car

Ready your stomachs
by Drei Laurel | Aug 24, 2019
PHOTO: Mark Jesalva

Who hasn’t spilled something inside their car? Very few car owners, we’re assuming—which is fine, because hey, it happens to everybody at some point.

A cup of coffee, a bottle of water, some fries, maybe...nothing too extreme. Every once in a blue moon, though, the stars align and you or your passengers end up dispersing something utterly disgusting inside your cabin.

We’re interested to know what these things are. So, we asked the question on Facebook, and you guys—many putting your newly earned ‘Top Fan’ badges to good use—got to answering. Here are 10 of the worst answers.

So, we’re going there now, are we?

1) Kim Jay Rivera: My love and emotions for a person.

As long as the kitties are okay.

2) Anne Chavez: Cat pee while transporting my rescue kitties. I don’t think anything can beat that.

We can imagine the smell.

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3) Ton RazFoll: A freshly caught live catfish managed to wriggle out of the container we put it in. We didn’t notice that one was missing because there were about 20 in there. Crawled under the passenger seat and died there. Could not get the stench off for weeks.

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Thank God you were kidding.

4) Romel Montealegre: Ash of my Lola. I can’t forget the facial reaction of the car-wash attendant as I told him while he was vacuuming it. I was laughing hard behind him because it was not really ash but fine powder use for sandcasting.

A fine argument for cracking a window open while parked.

5) Lüigi Guerrero: A couple of drops of fresh milk on the carpet mat. Since I only use that car on weekends, imagine the aroma that whiffed out when I opened the door five days after. Talo pa ang amoy ng patay na daga.

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We really hope you’re joking.

6) Tolits Diaz de Rivera: McDonald’s fries between the seats and handbrake. They taste the same after years of being there.

Poor bug.

7) Clemente Alan Montalan: Patis! Coming from the supermarket, accidentally nabasag yung isang longneck ng Tentay patis. Buti na lang my car that time was a Volkswagen Beetle, kaya hindi carpeted.

Pro tip: Always bring a cooler on fishing trips.

8) Michael C. Manalili: Alimango and sugpo, freshly caught sa palaisdaan, butas pala yung plastic. The next day, I needed to open all windows papuntang car wash.

Yeah. We don’t think we want to hear it.

9) Singrid Cagata: Used wet sanitary pad... (It’s a long story.)

Worst-case scenario.

10) Tim Icao Rosal Jr.: Baby nappies with poo.

You can check out the rest of your answers and continue to chime in via the Facebook post below. So, what’s the most disgusting thing you have ever spilled inside a car? Let us know.

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PHOTO: Mark Jesalva
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