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Attending car launches never gets old, especially if you are addicted to automobiles. The launch of the all-new Toyota Vios is a really big deal, because not only is it the best-selling passenger car in the Philippines, it is also manufactured locally. A huge percentage of its components (40%) comes from the Philippines, too. That’s something that we can all be proud of.

The media launch was held in Okada’s grand ballroom, and excitement filled the air before the car was unveiled. There was a presentation by the Vios’s chief engineer, Takatomo Suzuki, too. He explained the reasons behind the new design, and showed off the latest features.

The Vios was introduced to the Philippines in 2003, and local production began in 2007. It has been the best-selling passenger car for 14 years, with cumulative sales of 254,380 units. If you’ve never been to a car launch before, the unveiling of such an important model like the Vios is a good peg. Check out the photos from earlier today.

Congratulations, Toyota Motor Philippines!

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