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10 reasons motorbike riders don't queue at toll plazas

Does this bother you?

10 reasons riders don't queue in toll plazas

Whether it’s a workday or a weekend, you just cannot escape the long queue of vehicles waiting for their turn to pay at toll plazas--both on the south and north expressways. Whether there are ambulant tellers or none, the long line of cars is always there even if it’s not rush hour.

And then out of nowhere, a biker suddenly appears, revving his machine and cutting in line without even smiling. Would you allow him to break the queue or not?

Before you blow your top, here are some of the most common reasons motorcycle riders tend to cut in line when approaching a tollbooth:

1. They think that their motorcycle only eats up a small space, and so they believe that other motorists wouldn’t mind being overtaken in the queue.

2. Bikers, especially the old ones, are worried about leg cramps when balancing for long hours.

3. It takes a longer time for bikers to pay the toll fee. They have to stand the bike, remove their gloves, and take their wallet out before they can get a crisp bill. It’s the same long process pocketing the change and preparing to take off again.

4. Wearing a helmet, a leather jacket, a balaclava and a pair of gloves under the sun while the motorbike is crawling is just as uncomfortable as holding back pee.

5. No matter how waterproof their clothing is, their gloves and a part of their helmet get soaked when it's raining.

6. Vehicle emissions are a health risk for riders.

7. Being stuck in slow-moving traffic with a back ride is like carrying a big wooden cross to Calvary.

8. Motorcycles don’t have on-board DVD players for entertainment.

9. Compared to those in enclosed, four-wheeled machines, it’s more difficult for riders to use their smartphones to help kill time.

10. Riders enjoy it when car drivers stare at and admire their big bike.

Photo by Dinzo Tabamo


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