10 special 'talents' of motorcycle riders on the road

Practice makes perfect...
by Aris Ilagan | Oct 24, 2016

Okay, for this we'll start with a disclaimer: Please take note we do not condone many, if not all, of these practices. This article was created from observations often raised by motorists, pedestrians and even riders who just want to share their views through our platform.

The primordial task of TGP is to relay to the public important motoring issues that affect the lives of the populace.


In the meantime, we hope you will enjoy reading this piece; and at the same time, we hope it also guides you into knowing proper behavior on the road. 

1) Riders can detect oncoming rain even from kilometers away, outsmarting seasoned forecasters and high-tech Doppler radars.

2) Through plain eye contact, many riders can communicate with enforcers to allow them to proceed through traffic, while cars patiently wait for the green light. It is a fact that many traffic aides are motorcyclists themselves, so take it from there.

3) Some riders can send text messages or take calls from their phones while mobile. Please use your imagination.

4) Either on flat roads or muddy stretches, some riders can balance passengers seated on a long plank mounted crosswise from the rear seat of the motorcycle.

5)  From a very far distance, riders can estimate if their motorcycle will fit in a tight space between two vehicles.

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6) They can flip the gearshift pedal using their toe while wearing slippers.

7) They give warning signals to their fellow riders behind on ruts, bumps and slippery surfaces up ahead with their feet, legs and arms even while the motorcycle is moving fast.

8) They can shout invectives to car drivers at the top of their voices, even when wearing full-face helmets and the visor is closed.

9) They can pull out bills from their wallet and count them while wearing gloves and without damping the money with saliva.

10) They can fit their whole family on the motorbike for an outing.

What rider 'talents' have you observed?

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PHOTO: Aris Ilagan
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