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Now that its latest high-performance sports car has entered the final stages of production, UK-based McLaren Automotive has revealed more information about the MP4-12C.

"We're intensely proud of the 12C and how it stands against its key competitors: cars that are, in their own rights, some of the best sports cars the world has ever seen," said McLaren Automotive technical director Dick Glover. "The really exciting challenge for us was that to set new performance benchmarks against these cars, we had to introduce innovative new technologies. In that respect, we have worked technically like a Formula 1 team, where you are constantly trying to improve performance not against fixed parameters, but to win against competitors who are also constantly developing and improving."

The MP4-12C took only five years to develop, but it carries with it McLaren's three-decade old carbon innovation.

"The 12C takes carbon innovation to a new level," McLaren said. "It is based on a unique one-piece moulded carbon chassis: the MonoCell, which weighs just 75kgs (165lbs). The MonoCell concept required it to provide the perfect combination of occupant space, structural integrity, light weight, and relatively low construction costs. And the ideal chassis from which to deliver ground-breaking efficiency and performance in the sports car market."

Just what is so special about McLaren's latest product? Check out the gallery below for a crash course on the MP4-12C.

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