The Nissan Terra is a powerhouse among midsize SUVs

It’s shaping up to be a real contender
by Jason Tulio | May 12, 2019

The Nissan Terra has been in our market for almost a year now. While we dont have any concrete sales figures to back up our claim, were going to ahead and say that its doing pretty well for Nissan Philippines.

Whats our basis? First off, the sheer number of units weve been seeing on the road has steadily grown over the last few months. Second, its hard not to be confident when Nissan hosted the model’s regional launch in the Philippines, effectively drawing the battle lines against titans like the Toyota Fortuner and the Mitsubishi Montero Sport.

Third? Well, weve actually driven it, and we like what we saw. The midsize SUV is surprisingly agile for its size and offers plenty of torque with a small tap of the throttle. It also has a roomy cabin and plenty of technology onboard to boot.

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In this review, we took the Terra up to Tanay to see how it performs up a winding uphill climb. If you want to know more about what its like behind the wheel of Nissans SUV, click play on our video to find out. And dont forget to read our Launch Pad story as well. 

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