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Tamiya is one of those brands whose spell over us never ended. From our early experiences as young boys playing with Mini 4WDs, to college students racing 1/10th-scale R/C cars, and as adult men collecting detailed replicas of WWII tanks and fighter jets, the Japanese brand has earned a special place in our hearts.

During a recent working visit to Japan, we learned the location of a Tamiya store in Tokyo, so we arranged a little side trip. The store is called the Tamiya Plamodel Factory, and it is three floors of space dedicated to our beloved toys.

The basement and ground floor are retail areas for the cars. About 1,400 static models, 2,500 radio control models, and 800 Mini 4WD models can be browsed and purchased. The top floor has a race track for Mini 4WD cars.

The Tamiya Plamodel Factory is a wonderland for both car enthusiasts and scale-model fans alike. You’ll be lucky to walk away with your wallet and credit card unscathed. And if you do suffer some financial damage, the emotional payback is more than worth it.

The store can be found in Google Maps, which is how we discovered it. It’s certainly a must-see if you happen to be in Tokyo. 



Dinzo Tabamo
Executive Editor
Dinzo has been fascinated with cars since he was 12 years old, when he picked up a car magazine in his cousin's bedroom. It is a passion that never waned.
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