5 parking fails every motorist can probably relate to

Ever run into any of these?
by Drei Laurel | Jan 21, 2017

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Most of you guys might be experts at parking by now, but we know plenty of you sure as hell remember back when the word "parallel" would strike fear into your hearts. After all, we've all been newbies at maneuvering our rides at one point or another, right? Not everyone is Russ Swift.

Of course, finding parking difficult isn't necessarily always your fault. Sometimes, it can be a truly trivial affair due to factors outside your control. There are a ton of obstacles which can turn parking into a motoring nightmare, whether it's your neighbor's inconsiderate parking jobs, pesky wannabe "parking attendants" or anything else in between.

Still don't know what we're on about? Maybe we can help you visualize. We listed down five common parking hassles and played them out in the short video above. We're sure even the most experienced drivers still encounter these situations. 

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