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So you spot a motorcyclist in front of your vehicle as you drive. What are you going to do? Do you avoid the two-wheeler and its driver, or just keep going?

When swarmed by a big bunch of motorcyclists from all corners, does the phrase "road safety" immediately enter your mind as you make the sign of the cross? Or do you keep your cool and consider it just another day on the road?

After writing from the motorcyclists’ point of view, now shifts its focus on what vehicle drivers think about riders, and how they should behave on the road to be mindful of our two-wheeled brothers.

We do agree with the observation of many motorcycle riders that they're one of the most misunderstood species on earth, and that many are quick to throw all the blame on them regarding the so-called "anarchy on the streets," and for this they cry foul.  

What should car drivers remember when they see motorcyclists on the road to avoid accidents and mishaps for both parties? Here are seven common concerns that drivers of four-wheeled vehicles should be aware of when interacting with a bunch of riders on the road.

1. Drivers should first look left and right before opening any of the car doors.

2. They should not underestimate the size of the rider’s feet every time they steer their vehicle beside the motorbike.

3. Drivers should not expect riders to confine themselves within the designated motorcycle lane.

4. Four-wheeled drivers should accept the fact that motorcycles have a limited peripheral view compared to other motorists.

5. Non-riders must also realize that motorcycle helmets are not equipped with wipers.

6. Motorcycles do not have a cabin with doors and a roof to protect them from spit and trash coming from occupants of taller vehicles.


7. Many riders think that the “yellow box” at every intersection is reserved for them.

As a car driver and with these things in mind, are you still comfortable sharing the road with motorcyclists?

Aris Ilagan
Motorcycle Editor
Being a veteran journalist, Aris is considered one of the "sharpest" columnists of Top Gear Philippines. Just look at him from head to toe and you'll get our point.
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