7 Things only pickup truck owners can relate to

by Drei Laurel | Apr 23, 2018

Owning a pickup truck can be as much a pain in the ass as it is an advantage on the road. If you're a glass-half-full kind of motorist, driving one of these multipurpose, diesel-fed behemoths--with their extra versatility and raised ride height--makes you feel like the 'King of the Road.'


On the other hand, if you're the half-empty type, you always dread the days when you have to drive a bulky, lumbering giant to the office on account of its less-than-ideal ride quality and how difficult it is to park. Regardless of which side you fall on, we're sure you can relate to the following:

1) People are always asking you to carry stuff for them.

When a buddy nonchalantly mentions that he's moving into a new apartment, you already know where a conversation is going. He's shifted into 'user-friendly' mode, and is subtly asking if he can use your bed. Never mind the fact that it'll take at least three trips to transport all of his belongings to his new pad--you're the only one he knows who owns a pickup truck, and you wouldn't leave him hanging would you?

2) Your friends have asked if they can ride on the bed.

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Why would you want to ride there? It's hot as hell, you're bound to get sunburnt, and the smog is thick AF. And let's not forget to mention that it isn't safe, and you'll be bobbing up and down the entire trip. No convincing you? Fine, hop in and hold tight.

3) You have a stomach of steel.

You're on EDSA. Your front passenger is dizzy, and the ones in the rear are about to throw up that crispy sisig you guys had for lunch half an hour ago. You? You're used to it. Driving a pickup truck through the worst roads Manila has to offer has made you one with every bump, pothole, and imperfection it has to throw at you. Bring it on.

4)  You have mastered the art of parking.

Want to know if somebody knows how to park a car? Like, really park a car? Then hand him or her the keys to a pickup truck. If you can successfully park one without any scrapes or dings, and without a line of frustrated drivers patiently waiting (or angrily honking) behind you, consider yourself an expert. Finding a slot you can fit into is another issue entirely.


5) Vertically challenged passengers hate entering your ride.

If your pickup truck isn't equipped with step boards, be sure to have some mountain climbing equipment on hand for shorter occupants. On a serious note, if you often have elderly or disabled passengers, we suggest going with a different ride entirely.

6) Off-road enthusiasts are always telling you to mod your ride.

Look, we get it. Taking your ride off the beaten path is awesome, as is playing around with the suspension and equipping it with a smorgasbord of LED lights and rugged accessories. But we don't have the budget or time. We do admit that we're a tad bit jealous, though.

7) Versatility rules all.

While we might not have the experience or set-up necessary to conquer lahar fields or rocky inclines, our stock rides are more than enough to take on a little mud or flood every now and then. This is especially handy during the rainy season, when even the quickest of showers can submerge roads and make them impassable for sedans or small crossovers. This, plus that handy bed out back, is why we drive what we drive.



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