"It is important that our vehicles appeal to campervan bodybuilders as well, of course, to end customers," Mercedes-Benz explains. Now, 'campervan bodybuilders' isn't what you think it means.

It's not a niche where bodybuilding enthusiasts exclusively use campervans to increase muscle mass (though if this is indeed a thing, do get in touch), but instead a host of companies who turn your vehicle into a campervan.

Step forward, the Mercedes-Benz X-Class. At this year's Caravan, Motor, Touristik show, Mercedes is showing off a few new concepts that turn the posh pickup truck into a mobile human accommodation unit. That's right, an X-Class… as a camper 'van.'

The first concept is from 'bodybuilder' Tischer, and it's a big one. You get a fully demountable cabin that fits onto the back of the X, featuring a "comfortable" sleeping system in an alcove some 1,500mm wide. There's two meters worth of headroom, a kitchen with a three-burner gas stove and "three cozy seats." Amazing.

You can transform said cozy seats into a second bed if required, and there's also a fold-away wash basin and a swiveling toilet unit, which sounds lightly treacherous in the wrong hands if we're completely honest. There's even space enough to take a shower.

The second concept on offer is an altogether more slender unit via a company named VanEssa. Weighing in at 250kg, it's a pull-out 'module' slotted into the X's generous load bay featuring a fully-equipped kitchen. Features include items you might readily require to, um, cook: 'cooking facilities,' a washing-up area, and space for plates and supplies.

A second pull-out module provides space for more things, while VanEssa claims the load compartment is protected via a cover made out of teak wood.

Of course, if this is just too fiddly, then you can spend for the V-Class Marco Polo.


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