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The all-new Honda CR-V has arrived, and this time the Japanese compact SUV has a couple of new tricks up its sleeve.

First up, the CR-V now comes available with a turbodiesel engine. It's a facet of the vehicle that has helped fuel the hype train leading up to its Philippine arrival, and should give competitors a very solid run for their money.

Then, the new seats. There are now seven of them, to be exact. While fitting fully-grown adults into that third row might be a stretch, the added practicality and seating capacity is still much appreciated. As is common with the brand, there's plenty of flexible storage options, too.

One thing we can all agree on? The latest iteration is one truly handsome ride. It's rugged, it's sporty, and it has the cabin quality to match. Inside, you're looking at nice faux wood trim, a premium dashboard, futuristic gauges, the same touchscreen infotainment system found in the Honda Civic, and a new electronic gear shifter. Fancy stuff.

Want to learn more about the all-new CR-V? Simply watch the video embedded above, or grab a copy of our September 2017 issue, which features it on the cover.


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