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There's no arguing that 76ers rookie Ben Simmons made a hell of a case for a 2018 National Basketball Association (NBA) All-Star appearance. But despite averaging the most well-rounded stat line among this year's rookie class and establishing himself as a nightly triple double threat, the Australian point forward fell short.

Simmons' snub is a testament to just how difficult it is to stand out in the NBA. Fortunately, he'll have no trouble doing so behind the wheel of his new purchase: a Ferrari 488 Spider.

This dude definitely knows where to spend a hard-earned rookie paycheck, which in his case reportedly amounts to just a smidge over $6.1 million (P316.68 million). He's skipped run-of-the-mill luxury sedans and SUVs to head straight into supercar territory.

Simmons took to Instagram to show off his matte black droptop. "So I can go faster," his caption reads—a scary thought if you've already seen how quickly this guy can bring the ball down the court.

The V8-powered Ferrari, capable of a blistering 0-100kph in three seconds, carries a price tag of around $270,000 (P14 million). That's not a small sum for a first-year player by any means. But few rookies if any at all have shown the same level of potential, both in terms of skill and marketability, that Simmons has. So if anyone's due for a big payday heading into a second NBA contract, it's Philadelphia's Big Ben.


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