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Best of YouTube: A Skyline-powered BMW M3 that revs to 10,000rpm

You don’t hear that every day
PHOTO: Hoonigan

An M3 with the heart of a Skyline

Jake Jones—aka DriftSquid—shows off his weapon of choice, an RB26-powered BMW M3. After taking the crew through the car’s build, he shows a glimpse of what his ride is capable of. The wail of 10,000rpm is something you don’t hear every day.

Before subwoofers became a thing

These days, listening to music in cars is no big deal. At the very least, a radio and some speakers come as standard with new vehicles. But these features weren’t always an option. Here’s how having music in cars started out.

Drift-spec Supra and mountain roads

Five minutes of pure drifting bliss. Enjoy this video of an Mk4 Supra going sideways on the mountain roads of France.

Stock wheels engineered by Rays? Yes, please

While installing the right aftermarket wheels can give cars an improved appearance and better grip, some models just come with amazing rollers straight from the factory.

Cardi B tries Carpool Karaoke

In addition to singing and conversing, James Corden gives rapper Cardi B some driving lessons complete with cone obstacles.

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PHOTO: Hoonigan
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