BMW helps you to pass the time with some good old-fashioned board and card games

You only need a printer, scissors, and a dice
by Leandre Grecia | Apr 7, 2020

We’ve just heard that the Philippine government has extended the enhanced community quarantine until April 30, 2020. Some of you have already run out of stuff to do by now, and three more weeks stuck inside the house won’t do your boredom any good.

Lucky for you, the BMW Group has released a series of BMW-themed games which you and your family and friends can enjoy. Through these, the German carmaker is encouraging everyone to stay at home to help contain the spread of COVID-19.

There are two primary games in this lineup: ‘The Big BMW Race’ and ‘Find the Pair.’ You can refer to the rules for each game below.

The Big BMW Race

  • Qualifying for the starting positions: Whoever rolls the highest number before the race starts can place their car on the first grid position behind the starting line. The second highest number is placed second on the grid, and so on.
  • The players start the game in the order of the starting positions. Each player may roll the dice and move forward the corresponding number of spaces.
  • If a player rolls a six during the race, Boost Mode is activated and they are allowed to roll the dice again.
  • Several cars can be in one space at the same time.
  • If you land your car on one of the risk spaces along the track, you are allowed to jump forward the given number of fields or you have to go into reverse gear and move back the given number of spaces.
  • The risk space with the clock means that the player must sit out a round there until it is their turn again.
  • There are two points (dirt track and pit lane) where the player has to choose one of two possible routes. While passing the two red dots, the player already has to decide which way to take. He then has to announce his choice aloud to the other players. The player then chooses whether to take risks and choose the shorter but riskier option, or to play it safe with the longer detour.
  • The winner is the player who has crossed the finish line first after three laps, so don’t forget to count your laps on the lap counter!
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Find the Pair

  • Shuffle the cards and place them face down on the table.
  • Each play may turn over any two cards.
  • If the player gets two identical BMW models, he can place it in his garage.
  • For every correct pair, a player gets an extra turn until he makes a mistake.
  • Take turns going clockwise until all the cards on the floor are picked up.
  • Whoever collects the most pairs of cards wins.
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In addition to these, BMW has included other games in the list: ‘Park Your BMW,’ ‘Puzzle Duo,’ and a play carpet. Links to all of these, including the two aforementioned games, can be accessed and downloaded through this link.

BMW’s statement reads: “We know there are more important things than talking about cars and mobility right now. For BMW, as a globally active brand, the health of our customers, fans, and employees has top priority. We will act accordingly, with confidence and solidarity. We are still here to do what we do best: Bring you Joy, and brighten your day, even in these times. We will all get through this, together. Stay safe.”

Will you be trying these out? By the way, you can also check out other carmakers’ initiatives to fight the pandemic, as well as other materials to help pass the time, by reading our previous stories here.

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