The BMW Motorrad Concept Link is the scooter of the future

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by Drei Laurel | Jun 15, 2017

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What you're looking at is the BMW Motorrad Concept Link, the company's pitch for the future of two-wheeled, electric urban mobility. "A symbol of a new era," Motorrad head of design Edgar Heinrich calls it, and if that's the case, we're very excited.

The Link's design is low and stretched thanks to a flat seat and energy packs, while the compact electric drive is neatly concealed by the rear wheel. A two-tone, liquid metal titanium and matte black body give it a functional character as well. All this makes for a practical and versatile form with a ton of storage options.

Motorrad head of vehicle design Alexander Buckan puts the Link's design in perspective: "The BMW Motorrad Concept Link is not based on today’s concepts, but rather meets the basic functionality needs, the technical architecture, and the digital reality of today’s users."

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"The resulting expressive power of the vehicle is absolutely new for BMW Motorrad and breaks with all conventional viewing patterns,” Buckan adds.

There's plenty of tech to go around, too: projected vehicle info on the windshield, a futuristic instrument cluster, a plethora of communication functions, and an infotainment system with the ability to choose the most suitable tracks and most scenic routes.

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Is the Link the scooter of the future? If the answer is yes, we don't mind one bit.


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