10 sentences you keep hearing when you're the resident car guy

See if you can relate
by Jason Tulio | Oct 14, 2017

Since you clicked this article, chances are you've been identified as the family/barkada/office car guy, and you've been asked more automotive-related questions than you care to hear. We believe it's a small price to pay to be part of this passion. So, without further ado: 

1) Pare, anong magandang kotse? This is as broad as it gets when it comes to car-guy questions. We could spend all day rattling off a list of great four-wheeled vehicles, but for what purpose? For your family road trips? As a daily driver? For your business? If you're going to ask for a recommendation, be specific. 

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2) How do I fix (insert car part)? Our knowledge of cars must mean we're expert mechanics too, right? Not exactly. Sure, maybe we're able to roughly diagnose what the problem is, but it doesn't always mean we're qualified enough to fix it properly. Knowing something and being able to apply it are two different things. Mechanics spend years honing their craft, and you can't build the right foundational skill for that kind of work by browsing car forums. 

3) Talk to him, he's the expert. Not only do we get asked by friends and family for our opinion on various car matters, but they in turn refer us to everyone else. We're the ones that get stuck talking to sales people at dealerships, and to Tito Boy at the family reunion because he's finally decided to upgrade his owner-type jeep. 

4) Have you driven the (insert obscene supercar that's never been seen in the country)?. This is probably asked more often of motoring journalists, but even enthusiasts who take test drives will be quizzed by their eager friends. How we all wish we could drive those elusive European wonders, but alas, we're not always so lucky. 

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5) You must be an expert driver. To the average motorist, a guy who's knowledgable about cars must be a master behind the wheel. But as any gearhead knows, the term 'expert driver' is relative—sure, we'd all like to think we're amazing, but we're nothing compared to the guys who race on TV. They're the real experts. 

6) What's your favorite car? Okay then, what's your favorite song of all time? See, it's difficult to pinpoint and the answer always changes. There's no such thing as a perfect car, so gearheads will appreciate many cars for different reasons. 

7) Here, you drive. Yes, we love driving, but if you're asking us to slog through EDSA at rush hour just because we're the car guy, we'll pass. 

8) How much is this car? If your resident car guy follows automotive news closely, then he or she will have a rough idea how much a car costs. But even we couldn't tell you the exact peso figure of every variant, and we follow the news for a living. There are handy price guides out there that tell you this sort of thing. We recommend this one

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9) Can the ____ make it to Baguio? Ah yes, the Philippine gold standard of a car's worth. With advancements in our local highways and automotive technology, however, almost every car nowadays can make it to the City of Pines, so it's hardly the benchmark that it used to be. 

10) Kilala mo ba si Tracy Carpena? Okay, so it's only the TGP staff that get asked this, but it's a question that we hear all too often. Yes, loyal #CrazyForTracy followers, she really does exist outside of her social media fame. She even has a social media account dedicated to cooking, if you can believe that.

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