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When you mention car-wrapping, you immediately think of two primary reasons for why a vehicle owner would want to avail of it. First is the obvious: Car wraps provide an instant cosmetic makeover without the need for an actual paint job. The second is paint protection, as car wraps can shield the vehicle's shiny body against minor scratches and dings.

But according to Foilacar Manila president Lester Codog, there's another reason for getting a car wrap, and it's giving his company good business these days. Codog told that Foilacar works closely with several distributors of high-end brands in giving customers more options as far as body colors are concerned. The usual problem a luxury-car distributor encounters is the lack of color choices. More often than not, when a batch of units arrives, these units typically have the same color, making it difficult for the dealership to sell every single unit as its discriminating and upscale clientele demand exclusivity. At the same time, however, these wealthy customers do not like waiting for the next delivery of units.

So here's the solution: The dealership will offer the customer free car-wrapping courtesy of Foilacar, with a three-year warranty to boot. If a delivery batch has, say, all red units of a highly coveted supercar, the customer can have it wrapped in black if he so desires.

The white Chevrolet Suburban in these photos, for instance, was originally black. It was part of a batch of black bulletproof Suburbans shipped in by a gray-market vendor. The buyers of these Suburbans came to Foilacar for their individual color choices.

"High-end car owners do not like their vehicles to have the same color as that owned by another rich customer," Codog said. "They want exclusivity. They want their cars to stand out."

But not stand out too much, we presume, lest BIR boss Kim Henares take notice.


Photos by Vernon B. Sarne


Foilacar Manila

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