What are your dealbreakers when buying a new car?

Readers speak up
by Elaine Lara | Feb 12, 2018

Similar to how some people won't date individuals with a terrible personality, body odor, or a missing zero in their paycheck, there are dealbreakers when it comes driving home a new car.

We asked you guys if you had any automotive dealbreakers yourselves, and received quite a number of answers. After all, you’re spending millions of pesos on this purchase, and it will take years to pay off that car loan.

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Most people shared that it's vital that a car is loaded with standard tech and gadgets. However, we weren't expecting what we read when it came to what features readers looked for or considered important during the car-shopping process.

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According to our trusty dictionary, a dealbreaker is "a factor or issue that, if unresolved during negotiations, would cause one party to withdraw from the deal."

Here are some of yours:

1) How dealerships take care of buyers after the sale

JC Aquino: After-sales service record. We almost bought from this brand but it felt like they only cared about the sales and will not care at all about you once the transaction is done. Car sales should be a cradle-to-grave type of transaction.

Michael Uy: Service scam. When they force you to have your car serviced every six months or have your warranty voided.

Marc Villarosa: Bad reviews for after-sales services and value for money re standard equipment.

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Pedro dela Cruz: If it [car brand] has known horror stories.

Ronnel Go: After-sales support. Maganda nga yung kotse pero pahirapan naman sa paghanap ng parts. Kung secondhand, legit yung may-ari. Baka mamaya kaka-nakaw lang.

Jael WenceslaoParts not readily availableAs in hintay ka ng two months bago dumating.

2) When buyers feel that they will not be getting their money’s worth

Rem Tiangco: When you learn that the same car comes with more than two airbags, stability control, etc. as standard in other markets for almost the same price. Worst feeling yung parang tinipid ka.

Aaron Avelino: If it doesn't have a five-star rating on ASEAN NCAP.

Mitchy Sct: Free SD card for navigation.

Ipe Flores: Dealer option pero standard sa iba.

Bendrhick Co: Parts availability sa labas after warranty period [and] legroom.

Abee Juanatas-Valenzuela: Ownership cost. Halimaw sa maintenance at sa repair.

3) Details when buying a secondhand vehicle

Giannina Gonzalez: When it smells like feet and leftover smoke.

Kenny Tee: When you learn that the car was involved in a big accident. A bad paint job.

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Jason Szpyra: Blood stains.

Erick Magalang: If it fails the black light test. LOL!

Shin NepsitesYung napaka-detailed ng post e wala namang price. LOL.

4) Sometimes, dealbreakers start at dealerships

Dominic Tolentino: Dishonest sellers, salespersons who don't know their product, snobbish salespeople (in a certain dealership, never wear 'dugyot' clothes there; kasing ganda nga ni Bea Alonzo, masahol pa kay Bella Flores kung iwasan ka).

Ian Velasco: No available stock in the color I want...which also means a long waiting time.

5) While others simply have their own priorities 

Ludwig Van Reyla: When my golf set won't fit in the trunk.

Hanna Sanchez: Hindi kasya bike sa loob at laklak ng fuel na parang tomador.

Christine Española Telesforo: Can handle flash-flooding in Manila streets is a main consideration for me!

Marga Uy Baula: Must be automatic because of our traffic, not a gas-guzzler for sure, may built-in chauffeur?

Enrico P. Villanueva: Made in China.

Vajramejev Reyes: Dealbreaker if the car won't run after a thermonuclear blast or an electromagnetic pulse blast (props for thinking ahead! Way way ahead).

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6) And our favorite

Nathaniel GarciaKapag panget ang review sa Top Gear Philippines.  

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