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If you're anything like us, then you can't imagine life without your smartphone. Our days are spent creating content online, so even when we're not on our computers we're synced to our phones trying to find out what's happening in the world. Our newsfeeds are like a constant IV drip, though probably a lot less healthy.

In a report from Medium, one driving school's test is enough to make people like us go into a panicky fit. This school in Dezhou, China, uses its students' phones as road markers when they're reversing. As in they actually put the freakin' things on the ground directly in the line of fire. Madness!

Surprisingly, it was the sadists students themselves who came up with the idea. The instructor noticed that the students were extra careful backing up as a result. And thank God, everyone's phones escaped this nerve-wracking experiment unscathed. 

Actually, this story got us thinking of other ways we can educate careless drivers on proper parking. Maybe we can use their ATM cards on payday Friday. Or their parking tickets so they're forced to pay the lost card fee. Or for women, their designer purses or wallets. *Cue mad scientist laugh*

Or, you know, the LTO can just make a real driving test.

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