Exclusive interview with MMDA traffic officer Saturnino Fabros

On traffic management in Metro Manila
Nov 27, 2012

Exclusive interview with MMDA's Saturnino Fabros

You already know MMDA traffic constable Saturnino Fabros, who became popular almost overnight when a video of him being bullied by an angry private motorist hit the Internet. We admit that the episode got us giving a little more thought to our less-privileged traffic officers--they who must manage unruly motorists for hours under the sun and sometimes on empty stomachs.

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So, we contacted Mang Sonny (Mr. Fabros's nickname) through the office of the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority and invited him to do an exclusive interview with us. Now, don't expect the interview to dwell on the infamous bullying incident. We think all of us have already moved on from that unfortunate turn of events. What the interview touches on are basic questions on traffic management, particularly within the context of MMDA policies (or the lack thereof).

disclaimer: We aren't very sure about some of the answers of Mang Sonny. His tentativeness in answering some of our questions only proves that MMDA personnel themselves may not be well-versed in their own agency's rules and regulations. Among his pronouncements which we doubt are the ones on wearing shorts while driving, as well as the absence of a law that prohibits the bribing of traffic officers.

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We hope you have a bit of free time, because the video is 18 minutes long. The interview took place aboard a BMW 320d lent to us by Asian Carmakers Corporation. Our conversation with Mang Sonny was captured by a windshield-mounted GoPro camera courtesy of Dan's Bike Shop.


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