Floyd Mayweather shows off garage to remind you to stay motivated

This sounds like a networking pitch
by Drei Laurel | Feb 4, 2019
PHOTO: Floyd Mayweather

Call Floyd Mayweather what you want—a professional troll, a runner, a coward, whatever. You still have to give him credit, because the man knows how to market himself. His millions of social-media followers is a testament to his brand.

The real question is whether or not you buy into the image he projects. If not, Money May has a message for you: “You’re either motivated, or you’re hating.”

In a recently uploaded video that’s as much an “ask me how” networking pitch as a tour of his garage, Mayweather breaks down the value of staying motivated:

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“The money I still got, the jewels I still got, the cars I still got, the mansions I still got—you’re either motivated or you’re hating,” he explains. “Either or, it doesn’t matter. Walk with me and let’s talk.”

Mayweather then proceeds to show off nine cars in the Money May garage. There’s a Ferrari 488, a Maybach (Maybach, Floyd, not ‘Mybach’), and seven Rolls-Royces he calls ‘The Lucky Seven.’ It’s an impressive collection, no doubt about it.

Well, that’s one minute of our lives we aren’t getting back. So, are you motivated or are you hating? Let us know in the comments.

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PHOTO: Floyd Mayweather
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