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Mother's Day is tomorrow, in case it slipped your mind. So, if you're planning to buy a car for the woman who has loved you unconditionally your entire life, may we suggest five recommendations.

1. Hyundai Accent CRDi Philippine Car News - 5 Best Cars for Moms

Moms are usually very, very frugal, so we're sure she'll appreciate this hatchback. Not only does it have a very fuel-efficient engine, she’ll also appreciate the fact that diesel costs less than unleaded gasoline. The roomy cargo area is just another bonus she'll appreciate with the car. And then there's Hyundai's fluidic sculpture design language that has a very feminine feel to it.


2. Mazda BT-50 Philippine Car News - 5 Best Cars for Moms

What's a big, brawny pickup doing on this list? Well, you have to admit that some moms are less dainty than others and would prefer a tall pickup truck since it gives them a commanding view of the road. There's also the big cargo bed for hauling stuff from the grocery. And then there's the front fascia that appeals more to women than to men, specifically the headlamps with its leaf-like shape and the signal light that gives the impression it's wearing a mascara.


3. Peugeot 3008 Philippine Car News - 5 Best Cars for Moms

While this may look like a minivan or an MPV, the French carmaker calls it a crossover. Perhaps it's because of its pseudo-brush guard at the bottom of the front bumper. Still, the 3008 has a lot of useful features that any mother would want--like the panoramic sunroof to give the compact vehicle a more spacious feel, or the heads-up display so she can keep her eyes on the road while driving. The spacious cargo area even has a lamp that detaches from the car and can serve as a flashlight.


4. Subaru Forester XT Philippine Car News - 5 Best Cars for Moms

Moms always love a good value, and this turbocharged compact SUV definitely qualifies as one. At P1.868 million, it costs nearly P100,000 less than its less powerful--by 63hp--rival. Sure, while its looks may tend to polarize most car buyers--which is typical of the brand--it’s packed with features that are normally found in more expensive vehicles, like a start/stop systempower tail gate, and a Harman Kardon eight-speaker audio system, just to name a few.


5. Volvo S60 D3 Philippine Car News - 5 Best Cars for Moms

This diesel-powered premium sedan is the perfect car for safety-conscious moms with its raft of features. The pedestrian detection, collision with full auto brake, and City Safety systems are just some of the tools that your mom will appreciate. And then there's the 2.0-liter diesel engine that, despite putting out 163hp and 400Nm, is extremely thrifty. Need we also mention that the S60 looks very, very stylish from any angle?

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