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The all-new Ford Everest might look like a brute, but its cabin and handling will prove that it's anything but. We had the popular midsize SUV's Titanium 4x2 variant in our garage for about a week and found the company's emphasized refinement in all the right places.

For starters, the Everest is incredibly easy to handle. In contrast to what its size might suggest, steering is incredibly light and maneuvering the SUV around the city didn't pose a problem at all. All this works hand-in-hand with the vehicle's impressive suspension, which absorbs Metro Manila's pockmarked roads with ease, to give drivers and passengers a relatively comfortable ride.

Then there's the cabin. It's simple, light and spacious, and the seats are pretty supportive. A big plus are all the smart safety features such as cross-traffic alert and lane-keeping assist. Oh yeah, and did we mention the Everest can park itself?

Of course, the test unit seen here isn't as capable as its more powerful 4x4 counterpart. But if you're not looking to take your drive off-road or plan to do most of your travelling within the confines of the city, this will more than do. Check out more of the all-new Everest in the short video above.


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