Ford's hands-free parking is a joy to use

The Ford Focus can self-park perpendicularly
by Dinzo Tabamo | May 7, 2017

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To be honest, I always found self-parking features to be cute but unnecessary. Years ago, I was able to parallel park using just the brake and gas pedals in a Ford Focus. Nifty, I thought, but more a novelty than a real feature. Women will like it, I jested. 

Then the self-parking feature evolved from parallel parking to include also perpendicular parking. But that's easier to do, I mused, so what's the point? Then I tried it out for the first time in the current Focus, and it's amazing. I just can't stop using it. I use Active Park Assist in mall basements, village lots, and anywhere I can. 

Yes, I know this is something even #titasofmanila can do, but I realized it's one of those tedious things we do because we have to. It's not unpleasant to do manually, it's just kinda dull. 

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With the Ford Focus, to park perpendicularly just press the button with the steering wheel icon (and press again if you want to parallel park), and drive along the parking lot until the sensors find a space big enough. An alert will sound when a gap is found, then just follow the instructions. 

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We made a short video to demonstrate how cool the feature is. Press play above and see what we mean. 

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PHOTO: Mark Jesalva
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