14 Images: A closer look at the new Suzuki Jimny

Baby G-Class
by Jason Tulio | Jun 19, 2018

Yesterday, Suzuki finally revealed the fourth-generation Jimny, two decades after the last one came out. From what we can tell, this one will be just as memorable.

These photos recently surfaced on social media, giving us a better look at what the SUV looks like. Right away, the beefier dimensions are pretty noticeable. It's still a two-door, mind you, but everything looks wider and longer. Thankfully, the chunky tires and short wheelbase remain, ensuring that the nameplate's vaunted crawling abilities are still present. Yes, the Jimny is still as toy-like as ever. 

The cabin, meanwhile, gets a welcome upgrade with things like a touchscreen monitor, steering wheel controls, and modern A/C vents. There's an automatic in the photos, yes, but thankfully there's a manual as well. 

Look closer, and you'll notice it looks like a certain luxury SUV that's equally loved and respected by off-road enthusiasts. Yup, the new Jimny kind of resembles the Mercedes-Benz G-Class. It's got a similar boxy look, straight lines, and high ride height. Most of us will never be able to afford a G-Class, but this Jimny would make a great substitute. 

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Do you guys dig this new Jimny? 

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