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Top Gear Philippines

Off-road fun: Visit our microsite dedicated to taking the road less traveled

In case you've missed it so far, we have another special treat for you, dear readers, this month in addition to our 24-page supplement on off-road driving: We also have an off-road microsite that complements our Some Like It Rough supplement. Check it out at

Found on this microsite is our list of the 10 most iconic off-road vehicles of all time. Read it and let us know which off-roader is your favorite. Now, if you have a 4WD vehicle of your choice, we suggest you bring your ride to the 10 breathtaking destinations also featured on the microsite. Pamper your off-road vehicle with car-care tips from our associate off-road editor Beeboy Bargas. You can also view the photo outtakes from our adventure with Ford's fleet of off-road machines.

Enjoy browsing!

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