Have your car washed today and help a sick baby get heart surgery

Get a chance to win cool stuff, too
May 3, 2014

Project: Alessandra

The beautiful baby you see above is Alessandra Tirona. She's the two-month-old daughter of Caco Tirona, who, by the way, is the managing editor of C! magazine. She has a congenital heart problem and needs to undergo surgery. Problem is, said surgery costs a fortune.

Thankfully, friends in the motoring community have been mobilizing support for baby Alessandra. Here's one thing you can do.

Today, May 4, why not have your car washed at ARC Automotive located at 1159 Chino Roces Avenue in Makati City (see map below)? Half (50%) of the car-wash fee--ranging from P120 to P240, depending on the size of your vehicle--will go to the funds that will help Alessandra have the surgery. The fund-raising event will be from 9am to 6pm.

There's more.

If you pay P500, you get the car wash plus three laps of F1 2013 on PlayStation 3 and a raffle ticket.

Participants who submit the best times in the PS3 game will win cool stuff like a Sabelt laptop bag, Sonax shampoo, and a P10,000 gift certificate for a Brembo GT kit, among others.

You may also win in the raffle draw. They're raffling off a framed Brembo poster of Fernando Alonso, a Petronas bag, Sonax wax and more (according to the organizers).

So, if you're having your car washed today anyway and you don't live that far away from Makati, why not join this worthy cause to help save the life of a child? Besides being able to extend a helping hand, there's also the chance to hang out with fellow gearheads.

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Project: Alessandra

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