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Here are some funny reader-submitted parking fails

It happens to everyone

Recently, we published a story on one of the most extreme parking fails we've ever come across. Long story short, some dude in the UK forgot where he parked his friend's BMW. It was found six months later—inside the same parking garage.

Pretty bad, huh? Well, as it turns out plenty of our readers have experienced embarrassing parking fails as well. Sure, maybe it didn't take half a year to find their ride, but they're still pretty entertaining reads. We picked out some of our favorites from the story's Facebook comments section and posted them below for your reading enjoyment:


Al Del: "After a hectic weekday at around 9pm, I looked for my car in my favorite office parking level but couldn't find it. I searched for it in the other 10 parking levels but alas, I still couldn't find it. Then it dawned on me it's my number-coding day and I left my car at home. True story. Haha."

Alfonso Española: "Happened to me in Greenbelt way way back. Had to ask the guard for help. Umangkas pa ako sa motor niya tapos inikot namin yung buong parking. Not sure which is more embarrassing—the angkas or the fact that I forgot where I parked."

Ron de Asis: "Well, hindi ko rin inakala na ma-experience ko na halos umabot one hour ako naghanap ng kotse sa multi-level car park ng Mall of Asia. Ang masaklap dito pasara na ang mall at pinapatay na ang ilaw. So tinakbo ko yung buong parking at akyat-baba sa ramp para mahanap. Nung magde-decide na ako mag-report ng missing or stolen car, napansin ko siya sa pinakadulo sa kabilang side ng parking—natakpan ng isa pang kotse sa sulok. Hindi ko naisip na sa kabila ako naghahanap. Ayun. Naghanap ng kapaguran, pero siyempre lesson learned. Kinukunan ko pa ng photo yung lugar pati mga poste at markings."

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Gary Martinez:  "True event ito. Nung bumalik na ako sa car ko, kinuha ko remote key para buksan, pero ayaw bumukas. Nag duda ako baka sira na yung remote, pero bago car ko. So inulit ko, ayaw pa rin. Then in silence tumingin ako sa paligid ko—may napansin akong car naka park din, kamukha ng akin. Then suddenly I realized na hindi ko pala car yung binubuksan ko. Yung kabilang kotse pala yung sa akin."

Rocel Crisostomo: "Sometimes, I panic inside thinking my car had been 'carnapped' only to realize that I'm in the wrong level."

Vicka Untalan Viray Esguerra: "Pia Cabatbat-Manuel, remember sa Mall of Asia kayo nila Auntie Belle at Ate Lily, nag-panic kami ni Den Mark—baka nga nawala sasakyan kasi tawag ng tawag si Ate Lily na wala yung sasakyan. Tumatakbo na kami kasi baka na 'carnap'. Inalert na namin yung guard sa parking level na yun pero sinabihan niya kami na ikutin pa namin baka nakalimutan lang saan pinark. Hehehe."


Max Canlas Casapao III: "One time I rode a bus going home. When I got home my car is not there, then I realized it was parked in the office building."

Hey, it happens to everybody, right? Here's to hoping none of our readers ever have to spend more than a couple of hours to find their ride, and at the end of any parking ordeal they can just laugh at the incident (and share it with us).


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