The Toyota Hiace Super Grandia is a roomy ride for a big family

Even one as huge as ours
by Jason Tulio | Aug 3, 2017

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When we say that the Toyota Hiace Super Grandia is fit for a big family, it's not just lip service. We actually tested the van's people-hauling abilities on the biggest family we could find--ours. You see, the Top Gear PH squad isn't just big in terms of waistlines (working in the motoring beat comes with the stipulation that you must always consume extra calories). But when you combine the print and online teams, we're actually quite a sizeable bunch.

For our team planning session this year, we hauled some of the group in the Hiace up to Escala Tagaytay. The van made the trip with ease, keeping us nice and comfy through the area's narrow winding roads. Along the way we sang songs, shared corny jokes, and argued about our publisher's sense of direction--just like a real family. 

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To learn more about how the Hiace Super Grandia would suit your family's needs, click play on the video above. 

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