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Going on a road trip this Holy Week? Make sure you pack these items in your car

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It’s that time of the year again where we solemnly reflect and make sacrifices should we so choose. But this time also gives us a much-needed reprieve from the hustle and bustle of our daily lives. 

Yes, Holy Week is almost upon us again. For most people, this means a few days off from work and a chance to catch up on some much-needed rest and relaxation. The resulting free time is often used by many to go out of town for a road trip to a new destination or to visit family in the province. If you fall into the latter camp, we’ve provided you here with a useful checklist of things you should bring with you when you head off. In no particular order: 

1) Some songs and movies

Holy Week is a holiday for everyone. As such, traffic along the highways leaving the city and entering back in at the end of the week can get bad. Notoriously bad. As such, you will want to compile and download your favorite playlists to get you through the slog. If you’re a passenger with a laptop or tablet, you can also download a couple of TV shows or movies to tide you through. 

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2) Navigations apps and a map

A road trip can go awry in a hurry if you get lost or take a wrong turn. Navigations apps like Waze or Google Maps can help you find your way easily. If you happen to be headed somewhere with poor mobile data service, then an old-school paper map will come in handy. 


3) The right tools

You should always have a set of emergency tools packed in your car regardless if you’re going on a road trip or not, but it becomes extra necessary when the nearest gas station or repair shop might be dozens of kilometers away. A tire jack and tire change tools are a must. You can’t go astray with a set of jumper cables, tow straps, and a first aid kit, too. And if you have the extra resources, a portable tire inflater could be a potential lifesaver. 

4) A properly inflated spare tire

Speaking of an inflater, you should always make sure your spare tire is filled with air before you set off on any long drive. You might be diligent about keeping your car’s tires inflated, but it’s easy to forget about your spare. Don’t fall into this trap. Make sure it’s ready to go before you start your journey. 

5) Topped-up electronic toll collection devices

With heavy expressway traffic comes long lines at toll booths. The lines are doubly worse in the cash lanes, where notes and coins need to be manually counted with every transaction. If you want your journey to go smoother, then it would be worth your time getting an RFID installed for the respective highways you plan to traverse. Make sure you have enough load for your journey, too. 

6) Food and water

Road trips can be long. They can be especially long when you’re competing for road space against many motorists who are likewise trying to escape or enter the city. To ensure you can survive the journey, pack some bottles of water for the trip. And to avoid getting hungry before you can reach the next McDonald’s, keep some snacks handy as well to keep you and your passengers satiated. 

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7) Charging cables and power banks

It bears repeating that road trips can take a long time. Before long, your gadgets will start to drain. Pack some extra charging cables that you can plug into your car’s USB or charging ports. If there are a lot of you—or there aren’t enough charging ports for all your gadgets—a fully charged power bank is your friend. 

8) A travel pillow

This is a useful one for passengers. If you’ve ever fallen asleep in a car and woken up with a sore neck, then you can appreciate how great it is to have a travel pillow with you on a long journey. Just slip it around your neck, lean to one side, and sleep the many, many kilometers away. 

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PHOTO: Leandre Grecia
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