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There was a time, about a generation ago, when the Honda Odyssey matched up with Toyota's Alphard in terms of power and price. But when the all-new Odyssey arrived in our market, it lost its thirsty (for a Honda) V6 and downsized a bit. The result is a better minivan experience and a sleeker body. 

Then toward the end of 2017, Honda Cars Philippines refreshed its plush seven-seater, and added new toys on top of the visual tweaks. It's not a drastic redesign, but eagle-eyed readers will notice new front and rear bumpers as well as new wheel designs. 

There's new trim inside, too, and all variants now have the nifty push-start button and 7-inch infotainment system. 

We were the first to try out the new Odyssey, and we wish we had more time to enjoy the 9-inch entertainment screen along with the comfy chairs in the second row. 

It has the same engine and transmission, so power delivery and handling is still smooth and effortless. Well, effortless in the city, but I do miss the old V6 on the expressway—although the current 2.4-liter mill's fuel economy is not much better. 

Honda's glacial A/C system is still here (please never leave), and it is a godsend in this summer hell.

Size-wise, the Odyssey is just big enough to be easily parked—depending on your parking skill—in basement parkings, and still offer plenty of space inside for the passengers. It would be a great soccer mom car, if that were a thing here. 

To find out more, check out our video above.

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