Hoverbikes might be the latest addition to Dubai’s police fleet

As if supercars weren’t enough
by Drei Laurel | Nov 10, 2018
PHOTO: Hoversurf

Dubai’s police force wants to take its criminal-pursuit capabilities to the next level. No, it isn’t adding a couple of shiny new supercars to its fleet—what these cops have in mind is way, way better.

This hazardous-looking contraption you’re seeing is the Hoverbike S3 by Hoversurf. The California-based company recently dropped by Dubai to teach law-enforcement personnel how to fly its products, and it looks like everybody involved had a hell of a time.

Not only is the Hoverbike S3 the coolest-looking pursuit vehicle we’ve ever laid our eyes on, it might also be the most hazardous. And we aren’t just talking about the potential for its four exposed blades to accidentally dismember a fleeing criminal. According to Hoversurf’s official website, the vehicle doesn’t require a pilot license or aircraft certification to use.

The company calls its creation “the world's first legal personal drone,” saying: "This drone has officially passed guidelines by the United States FAA part 103. Our hoverbike falls under Ultralight Aircraft, which means no pilot license or certification of the device is needed for use (part 103). We give you the freedom of flight.”

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Now all that’s missing is a pair of machine guns or rocket launchers attached to its sides. Given the opportunity, would you rather chase bad guys using an exotic sports car or a flying motorcycle? Frankly, we’re torn.

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PHOTO: Hoversurf
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