I drove 240km just to be at PIMS 2016

Keeping the car passion alive
by Manskee Nascimento | Sep 18, 2016

Nissan GT-R PIMS 2016

It was 4:30am on a wet Wednesday in surf town La Union, and I pulled myself out of bed as my bad back gave me trouble at the worst possible time. As I ran my hands across my face, I recalled all the things I did the day before, including asking my sister-in-law to take my little girl to and from school as daddy will be in the metro for the 2016 Philippine International Motor Show.

I walked over to my car nestled in the garage to do my necessary checks, and hopped in the shower. As the gentle stream of warm water engulfed my head, I asked myself, "Why am I going through all this trouble to be at this event?" The answers hit me as I traversed the 240km stretch to Manila. My love for cars has led me to this. and I want to share whatever knowledge, insights and finds I have in relation to motoring. Given what this event has to offer, it is clear that the local automotive industry is more vibrant than ever, and I'm more than happy to see how promising the future is going to be.

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Upon my arrival at the World Trade Center, I was greeted by a true epitome of Nippon automotive prowess: The magnificent 2017 Nissan GT-R. While admiring what I consider the best and most refined R35 to date (with some added chills and goosebumps), I saw Mr. GT-R himself Hiroshi Tamura alongside the cheerful Autohub Group president Willy Tee Ten, and I began to look at the bigger picture.

What I saw was the immortalization and evolution of passion, geared toward man's desire of propelling himself forward. From car designer, to manufacturer, to distributor and marketer, to the road (or in this case, the show), it was all there at the PIMS for the rest of us to witness. After the usual selfie and shaking of Tamura-san's hand, I realized how crucial it is for those of us in media to pass on the torch of what drives us to the rest of the motoring public.

We get so caught up in the daily chaos of things that we easily overlook how transportation is the lifeblood of global commerce, aside from the obvious of taking us from points A to B. Although we live in an era when the dissemination of information has never been faster, our physical mobility is just as important. That's where the significance of the automotive industry comes in.

Since man's invention of the simple wheel to supercars that go over 300kph, people have been obsessed with getting to their destination faster, safer, and with the least effort. With the added problems of both environmental and economic issues, the industry evolves to adapt to these changing times, but still manages to titillate our senses and blow our minds.

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Prime examples are the all-new Toyota Prius and the sporty BMW i8, which are also on display at PIMS. Even Mazda has truly revolutionized the combustion engine, keeping the joy of driving while adhering to global environmental standards. For added inspiration, the FT-1 concept by Toyota shows that the future doesn't have to be bland or mundane, and it proves to be a worthy (rumored) successor to the coveted Supra.

The best part for me being at said event was bumping into old friends and making new ones, including those integral in making the automotive world flourish. They're living proof that humility and greatness exist among those who make the industry what it is today, and inevitably lures the next generation in.

I headed home at the break of dawn the following day, and noticed how the weather is the complete opposite of my drive to Manila. The sun shone brightly with patches of clouds here and there, giving me a very clear view of the stretch of highway in front of me with greenery on both sides. The thought of my two kids come into perspective, and a mix of emotions for the years ahead.

One thing is definitely certain. I am more driven now to share and guide them with the love and passion for what I do, as I have done for those around me. If you haven't been bitten by the automotive love bug, PIMS will definitely make you join the bandwagon. 

Nissan GT-R PIMS 2016

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