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A pickup has always been on my list of must-have vehicles. The juxtaposed image of a small girl (i.e. myself) with a big truck just oozes badassery to me. My daily driver, you see, is a small hatchback. So when I was given a chance to have the Isuzu D-Max for a few weeks, it gave me a totally different driving experience.

I brought the D-Max down south to Daet, Camarines Norte, for an extensive shakedown. In all, it was a 350km, seven-hour drive. I drove it up and down the mountains of Quezon, to Bagasbas Beach to chill, and then to Cayucyucan Beach where its 4x4 power was tested on unfinished roads. This experience gave me a good understanding of the D-Max’s shirt-ripping masculinity.

Getting the D-Max is a great idea if you’re into road trips and long drives. With its large cargo bed, you don’t have to worry about getting squished inside with all your stuff. Press the play button to see what else this macho pickup has to offer. 

Chira Dela Cruz
Multimedia Producer
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