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Looking for a capable, comfortable and practical SUV for the entire family? The new Isuzu MU-X might just be what you need and want. Yes, there are many choices out there but the Isuzu brand is known for its durable performance.

The Japanese marque has thrown in some refined niceties that most would appreciate. For one, the MU-X has an updated turbocharged diesel mill providing additional hauling power for a family of seven or loads of cargo. In addition, Blue Power, Isuzu’s new badge for its Euro 4 products, makes it an environment-friendly SUV.

Its spacious and cozy cabin is great for long road trips. Onboard entertainment amenities add more enjoyment for the family whether in traffic or on stretches of highway. The infotainment system is both easy to operate and relevant for our modern way of traveling.

As frugal as it is capable, the new MU-X consumes around 18km/L. Isuzu has a reputation for building reliable engines, and dependability and efficiency are definitely winning qualities--attributes any Pinoy family should look for in a trusty vehicle.

There are many valid points why this workhorse garnered the 2017 4x2 Midsize SUV Of The Year Award from the Car Awards Group Inc., but our best recommendation is to check one out in the metal and give it a go behind the wheel. Some vehicles find the balance of satisfying the practical demands of the market while adding touches of endearing luxuries that we deserve. You don’t have to take my word for it, but you owe your family and yourself adding the new MU-X to that shortlist.

Manskee Nascimento
Manskee Nascimento is a musician, businessman, baker, father and car lover. He also happens to write well. This we found out while running into him at one industry event. We think he deserves an audience.
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