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Karel Marquez gifts husband with BMW 5-series on wedding day

Explains controversial '8' plate


Contrary to popular belief, getting married and starting a family isn't necessarily a death sentence for gearheads and car nuts. We've actually featured dozens of happy car-loving couples on our Facebook page in prenup shoots, or simply posing with matching rides.

We guess it's all just a matter of finding the right partner. If you're lucky enough to find one who'll share your passion and support your love for cars, you know you've hit the jackpot. Just ask recently-married Karel Marquez and Sean Farinas—they'll know what we're getting at.

As reported by Pep.ph, the couple was married on December 1, 2016. Prior to their ceremony in Makati City, Karel surprised Sean with her "thoughtful wedding gift," or what we'd like to call proof that there's hope for every car guy out there.

Yep. She bought Sean a BMW 5-Series for a wedding present—that's P4.29-million vehicle. It's a purchase which was not without its fair share of controversy. In a report by Inquirer, Karel states that she purchased the car from one of her godparents with her own money, and that it isn't a brand-new unit.  

"It was the most I could afford today and spare, so it is not a brand-new one. It took me six months to earn this and always had to set aside a monthly budget in the middle of paying our groceries, food, my children's tuition fees and the list goes on."

What's more, she clarified that the "8" plate it carried was just for show, clarifying that it was taken down seconds after the photo was taken. "His cousin is a son of a congressman so they put it there during the surprise. It's his dad's and not ours, so relax. It was taken off by the boys I think seconds right after the photos and before even heading to the church." Uhm, sure. If you say so.

All issues aside though, buying someone a luxury sedan out of love is a very, very big deal. Congratulations to the happy couple. We just hope we don't see this car rolling around with a congressman's plate anytime soon.

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