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As a user of the Internet, you probably know the work of Tax The Rich. Their fondness for thrashing invaluable hypercars without mercy either appalls or enthralls you. Or perhaps a little bit of both.

If the sight of a Jaguar XJ220 aflame or a Ferrari Enzo rallying had you scrambling round the back of the couch, then you’d better approach this one with caution: It’s a video by some Italians called Salvare i Ricchi ("Save the Rich"), and it sees a LaFerrari battling a KTM Super Duke bike in the most mechanically unsympathetic tug of war you’ll see this week (or even ever).

With its combination of 6.3-liter V12 and electric motor producing peaks of 950hp and 898Nm, you’d expect the big red supercar to do quite well. Quite how well, you’ll see above. But the most pertinent question is not which vehicle wins, but that should it all have happened in the first place?

Please don’t try this kind of stunt at home.

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