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LeBron James stars in the latest crab-filled Hummer EV commercial

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PHOTO: GMC on YouTube

It’s pretty clear that GMC is quite fond of showcasing the all-new Hummer EV’s CrabWalk feature. The American carmaker has been putting the spotlight on its electric truck’s new tech from the get-go. Now, GMC is back with yet another fascinating crab-filled commercial.

The new video entitled King of CrabWalk stars none other than the King himself, NBA superstar LeBron James. We’re not sure if this is all a subtle reference to James’ ‘crab dribble’ brouhaha from more than a decade ago, but all we know is that some people, like us, definitely Googled “LeBron James crab dribble” after seeing the ad.

This also marks yet another win for James this weekend. After being officially announced to the NBA 75th Anniversary Team before going on to hit the game-winning shot at the 2022 NBA All-Star Game, he now also has this absolutely funky (and also borderline weird) commercial to add to his resume. For his sake, we hope these aren’t the last things he’ll be celebrating in what has been a troubling season for him and the Los Angeles Lakers.

Jokes aside, you can check out the short clip below. To quote the people of the Internet, it’s actually “fire.”

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PHOTO: GMC on YouTube
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