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Lego gets the Volkswagen Beetle right this time

A toy we gearheads need to have

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A few years back, toymaker Lego released a model of the world's favorite little car, the Volkswagen Beetle. The company's first go at it was pretty neat, despite all the studs on the hood and the roof.

To the delight of fans, Lego's second attempt at the lovable bug is much more polished and truer to form. Yes, Lego seems to have gotten it right this time around.

The latest release of the VW Beetle comes complete with the requisite curves in all the right places. The roofline, the fenders, and even the lights are now rounded-out. In fact, a close look at the cool blue paint job tells of how exacting the attention to detail is. The front hood even opens up to show off the trunk space and a full-size spare tire.

Out back, the engine cover also pops up so gearheads can get a peek at the neat little air-cooled motor. Opening the roof and the doors allow access to a four-seat cabin with beige chairs that tilt, just like the real car’s. And naturally, the steering wheel and the dash are similar to those found on the real thing.

To add to the 1960s vibe, Lego Creator went for a "day at the beach" theme. It included a roof rack with a cooler box containing ice and drinks, as well as a surfboard and a towel stowed behind the tilting backseat.


Lastly, you can choose from four different license plates, depending on your mood. You can opt for California with the standard plates, or a set from the UK, Germany or Australia.

The 1,167-piece Lego Volkswagen Beetle will be available in August for around $100 (P4,600). This is definitely a set every car nut and toy aficionado should add to his collection.


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