Lego has created its own version of the Tesla Cybertruck

“Guaranteed shatterproof”
by Sharleen Banzon | Nov 30, 2019
PHOTO: Lego on Twitter

Tesla’s grand reveal of its Cybertruck last week triggered an onslaught of disparaging comments about the vehicle’s wedge shape and supposedly-smashproof-but-not-really windows, among other things. It was a veritable free-for-all. People went ahead and got downright creative with their trolling, but if we had to choose one winner in this meme war, we have to say Lego’s potshot is one of the most brutal.

Lego is of course known for creating ultra-detailed kits of popular and iconic automotive models—just check out its recent launches like the 1989 Batmobile, the Nissan GT-R Nismo, and the Top Gear Rally Car. Not about to pass up on the chance to ride the Cybertruck hype train, the toy manufacturer came up with its own take on Tesla’s latest release:

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It’s literally a brick version of the Cybetruck—as in a single Lego 4x2 brick with wheels attached. “Guaranteed shatterproof,” the company captioned the photo in its tweet, alluding to Tesla’s botched smashproof-glass demo. Anyone who has ever stepped barefoot on a Lego brick will attest to just how painfully unbreakable it is.

That said, Lego and the rest of us might be poking fun at the Cybertruck now, but if Elon Musk’s implication that 250,000 preorders for the vehicle—including one from the Dubai Police—have so far been made, then he might have the last laugh, after all.

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PHOTO: Lego on Twitter
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