This Lotus Evora wishes you happy holidays while going sideways

The best kind of greeting
by Jason Tulio | Dec 28, 2018

There is a myriad ways you can greet someone during this time of year, depending on where you are and what traditions the people around you follow. Likewise, car guys have their own ways of greeting one another. For example, some car-club members will honk or flash their lights when they come across a fellow member’s ride.

This year, Lotus decided to wish the world happy holidays by doing something we can all appreciate: drifting. In the video above, a Lotus Evora runs rings around the carmaker’s test track in Hethel, England. Naturally, there’s a Christmas tree strapped to the back. The Evora, which has a mid-mounted engine delivering power to the rear wheels, is perfectly suited for such sideways shenanigans.

The drifting goes beyond the testing facility and actually gives us an inside look at Lotus’s development areas. The video is a little over the top if we’re being honest, but we’ll take any excuse to watch a sports car masterfully drift around in circles.

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So, how are you and your car celebrating the holidays? Let us know down below.

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