Even Matteo Guidicelli can’t escape from the MMDA’s CCTV cameras

They’re watching
by Drei Laurel | May 7, 2019
PHOTO: Matteo Guidicelli

Remember the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority’s (MMDA) no-contact apprehension policy? Yeah, it’s still in effect.

Just because you haven’t received a citation in the mail—whether for distracted driving, crossing the yellow line, or some other violation—doesn’t mean the agency’s CCTV cameras aren’t working. Just ask Matteo Guidicelli, who was recently reminded via mail.

Guidicelli recently took to Instagram to share that he received a citation from the MMDA for violating the Yellow Lane Rule, complete with a black and white screenshot from one of the agency’s CCTV cameras.

“So today I got a mail from the MMDA. I opened it up, and guess what I saw,” Guidicelli says, lifting up his citation to show his Instagram followers. “It’s kind of my driver’s fault, but I’m very impressed that I got a ticket right here from the MMDA because my van crossed the yellow line into the bus lane.”

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Yes, he wasn’t even driving when his van was captured via CCTV. His driver was behind the wheel, but since the vehicle was probably registered in his name, he got the citation. Instead of complaining, Guidicelli, who also happens to be an avid driving and riding nut, was left rather impressed by the no-contact apprehension policy’s effectiveness.

“I’m going to have to pay P650,” he says in his video. “I’m very, very impressed that the MMDA has this and everything is going digital, and people can actually get caught and sent their ticket at home. So this is really cool. Congratulations to the MMDA. This is really awesome.”

Remember: The MMDA is watching. For all you know, a citation could be sitting inside your mailbox by tomorrow morning. Follow the rules and drive safe.

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PHOTO: Matteo Guidicelli
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