Look: A drone’s eye view of Metro Manila Skyway Stage 3 project

Are you looking forward to its opening?
by Drei Laurel | May 2, 2019

Late in 2018, a small portion of the new Skyway Stage 3 was opened to the public. In the grand scheme of the project, it wasn’t much more than a kilometer-long stretch of elevated expressway before the intersection of Gil Puyat Avenue, but it was impressive driving along it nonetheless.

To really see Skyway Stage 3 in all its glory—as well as to get a better idea of its massive scale—you need a proper vantage point. And what point of view could be better than that of a drone plying Skyway Stage 3’s route, hundreds of feet up in the air?

YouTuber dmitrivalencia, whose channel specializes in documenting infrastructure projects such as this one, recently uploaded drone footage of the project. Large sections of Skyway Stage 3 remain incomplete or under construction as the scheduled date of completion is still in 2020, but seeing it really puts things in perspective: The heavy traffic its construction is causing might well be worth it.

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Click play on the video embedded above to see what we’re talking about. Are you looking forward to Skyway Stage 3’s opening as much as we are? Let us know in the comments.

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PHOTO: dmitrivalencia
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