We finally hit the track with the Nissan GT-R

What a lovely day
by Drei Laurel | Mar 29, 2017

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It's not very often you get the chance to drive a real sports car. Even with the constant flux of vehicles entering and leaving the Top Gear basement, we are still awed by the presence of fast metal. So here we are, fresh off a track date with no less than Godzilla himself, the iconic Nissan GT-R.

Yes, that Nissan GT-R, in all its 562hp, asphalt-devouring glory. We were lucky enough to be invited by Nissan Philippines for a track day with the Japanese supercar at the Clark International Speedway. Needless to say, we set aside all our tasks at hand and immediately jumped at the opportunity to get up close and personal with the orange beast.

It's one thing seeing it on display at shows and covering it during motoring events, it's completely different actually sitting in the cockpit, gripping its leather-wrapped steering wheel at speed. Want to see how we fared behind the wheel of the Nissan GT-R? Just press play on the short video above.

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PHOTO: Chira dela Cruz
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