See how the Nissan Terra performs off-road

A memorable regional launch
by Jason Tulio | Jun 18, 2018

When we motoring scribes hear the words 'regional launch' being thrown around, we immediately assume that we have to pack our bags and fly out to one of our neighboring countries for the event. After that, we return home and wait a few more months before we see the same vehicle in the Philippines. It's very rare that our market is chosen as the launching pad for a car that will be sold across Asia.

So you can only imagine our surprise when Nissan Philippines' invite to the official reveal of the new Terra included those two magical words. Yes, the Japanese manufacturer actually chose our country to host this big event. And what a reveal it was, as you'll see in our video.

Theatrics aside, Nissan also gave us some wheel time with its new midsize SUV. We drove it both on- and off-road, the latter taking place on the lahar-covered trails near Mount Pinatubo. It was a short drive, but we were impressed with our experience.

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What kind of impact the Terra will have on the popular local midsize SUV segment remains to be seen. To find out what we think of the SUV so far, you can click play on the link above. 

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